…Love what you do, surround yourself by great people and great things will happen.

I am an award winning leader in creative thinking and problem solving. I'm a maker. I'm curious. I don’t accept the way things are done because there is always a better way of doing essentially anything. I help innovative brands not only to deliver financial performance but also to make a positive impact to society. I tackle difficult challenges with simple and powerful ideas that make into culture, make a social impact and drive social change. Welcome to the social impact era.

I preach for agile teaming, design thinking, problem solving, strategic thinking, collaboration, all through creative empowerment and silent leadership. From idea to execution, I get together with great thinkers and makers to design solutions and constantly reinvent the way we think about human experience and new technologies.

My curiosity and determination to seek inspiration outside my comfort zone have allowed me to work for prestigious companies in the United States, China, Brazil and the United Kingdom. Some of them include Facebook/CA, Ogilvy/NY, Emerson Collective/CA, Edelman/NY, Vidal Partnership/NY, Saatchi & Saatchi London, Duda Mendonça. Globalworks/NY and G2 Creative Studio, in Beijing.

I was recognized as one of the top 10 Creative Directors of the world and I've been awarded with more than 90 major awards, including 10 Grand Prix at the most prestigious festivals in the industry: 25 lions, Creative Effectiveness, Grand Prix for Good, Titanium, Golds, Silvers and Bronzes in Cannes, Best of Show and Best of Categories, Gold, Silver and Bronze pencils at the One Show, Yellow Pencils and wood Pencils at the D&AD, Grand Prizes and First Prizes at the New York Festivals and Clios, Effies, Caples, Webby’s, El Ojo, FIAP, LIAAs, Echo, DMA, among other awards, together with the prestigious Beazley Design of the year. With these, I got asked to judge several creative festivals like the One Show HAATBP, Webbys, NY Festivals, , Lux Awards/Ecuador, Prêmio Carcará/Brazil…

My biggest accomplishment is currently having my work being featured in the main lobby of the MoMa/NY and acquired to the permanent collection of the museum and other museums around the world, including the prestigious Victoria and Albert Museum, National Gallery of Victoria in Australia and Design Museum in London. I'm also proud in having another work adopted officially by the city of Madrid, and used even by Joe Biden and the Democrats at a National Democrat Convention.

“Thank you for your creativity, tireless efforts and enthusiasm. Our partnership is a great success! We are truly grateful for working with you, the results of it and for inspiring us and millions of others.”

You, strategically, find ways for ideas to happen and the perfect timing for them to exist. Being patient and persistent to convince the right people of these ideas is your forte. You believe in the re-engineering of the “no”. A “no” is just a “no” until it becomes a “yes”.

“I truly believe that wherever you are at you would make a significant impact on the people around you and, for sure, the work because you are that kind of person who people would never forget. And yes, you are also crazy, but that's why nothing will stop you from doing what you are good at and what you care for. I'd follow you anywhere you go because I know that you are a fighter and true leader. You might not be able to change the world, but you will change many people's world.“

“As a creative, he is one of the hardest-working people I know in the business. What sets Rod apart is not only his enormous appetite and passion to solve problems, but also his tenacity and courage to explore new frontiers. He understands my brand and is a great storyteller, and above all, he's a creative's creative.”

“He is a great and rare talent. Given the right environment - at a place that truly supports creativity, and not merely paying lip service - I have no doubt Rod will thrive and take it to the next level.”

“You have taught me everything I know, pushed me to the limit and brought the best out of me. I have never met someone who cares about the world, the work, and the people that much as you care, honestly. You are the kind of creative leader who can make things happen and make people feel incredibly empowered.”

Finally, I also extended the reach of creativity for good. I proudly created and lead the pirates – worldwide agile-based collaborative creative teams in charge of making great ideas, that help our world in need, happen. Imagine more than 80 creatives doing everything, working faster, smarter and leaner by being problem-solvers, strategic thinkers, UX and UI masters, design thinkers, producers, and account services. I've got invited to several talks, workshops and seminars around the world to talk about it.

This innovative way of working made the prestigious Brazilian business magazine Época Negócios, choose me as one of the 40 Brazilians who are making the difference around the world. To spread my vision even further, I teach at Miami Ad School and as a guest professor at NYU.

I started my career as a marketeer, then, I was a salesman, switched to advertising art director, to digital creative, to user centric creative director, to a creative director and, then, a social impact creative leader. I keep reinventing myself because I'm a generalist.

From a MBA at the Berlin Creative School of Leadership to Hyper Island/Stockholm to Miami Ad School, I won't stop learning new ways of making great things happen.

Rodrigo Moran

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