An interactive, fun and engaging experience, to talk about something not very interesting as factory automation, can give you more than 5 million views on Youtube and get chosen as site of the month and of the day on FWA and Awwwards. Created in partnership with Stink Digital and Lobo animations.


Siemens Santa

Santa doesn't have to worry about defective toys or a slow sleigh anymore, because Siemens just upgraded the North Pole with new technology. That's the theme of Siemens' new digital campaign. “Santa’s Factory” is an interactive story that talks about products and technologies Siemens has to offer, through a dialogue between Santa Claus and a little girl. More than a conversation, though, what we actually have is Santa unable to contain his enthusiasm and babbling on and on about the recent upgrades he did to his North Pole factory – using Siemens technology, of course.

Every time Santa mentions one of those improvements we cut to his workshop, and the viewer is invited to join in a playful interactive sequence where he or she can help assemble a new toy or test-drive various new sleigh designs.

The campaign included a microsite, 15-second animated videos, digital ads and social media, and shows how its technology -- from wind turbines to software -- helps factories improve operations. The videos below have had more than 5 million views.

Site of the month and of the day on FWA and Awwwards.


Watch its demo below.