One of the designs of the year, it's in the main lobby and permanent collection of the MoMa, V&A and several other museums around the world, is at refugee camps, was shown to the US State Department, to world leaders like Justin Trudeau, Queen Máxima, Joe Biden, the mayor of Amsterdam, the city of Barcelona, celebrities, it was displayed at the Rio Carnival parade, used by brands, has got 5 billions of impressions so far, and it's becoming a hub that helps refugees on many things, like getting their first job.

The Refugee Nation

The Refugee Nation project started from a collective group of creatives with the passion to create a symbol that could stand for the human rights of 65 million displaced people worldwide. I'm proud to be one of the co-founders of this amazing project.

The result was an iconic orange and black flag––a flag that now stand as a symbol of solidarity to all the brave souls who have fled their native lands. To design the flag of this new nation We partnered up with Yara Said, a Syrian refugee who had to leave her own country, to find asylum in Amsterdam.

The flag of a nation without borders, had to reflect the conflict between the dream of crossing over, and the obligation of staying within the lines. Said was very familiar with the struggle and the complex circumstances brought up by forced displacement, so she created a meaningful, powerful flag.

The idea was inspired from the only passport so many refugees have used throughout their journey: Life-vests. The flag is a vidid orange with a single black stripe, reminiscent of movement, pain, fear and hope.

"A black and orange (colors of the life vests) is a symbol of solidarity for all those who crossed the sea in search of a new country. I myself wore one, which is why I so identify with these colors—and these people."

- Yara Said

Since being introduced at the Olympic Games in Rio, The Refugee Nation flag has traveled the world from camps, to campuses, and metropoles all over the world. As a result, it’s been universally embraced by refugees, refugee camps, government officials, international media outlets, marches, athletes, celebrities, brands, museums and art curators worldwide. 

The refugee flag was presented to the (former) Second Lady, Jill Biden, at the US Department of State during the United Nations Summit. It was displayed alongside 196 official country flags at the One Young World conferences in Ottawa, 2016, Bogotá, 2017 and The Hague, in 2018, with the presence of world leaders like Justin Trudeau, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, Kofi Annan, among others. 

The groundbreaking design was acquired to the permanent collection and it’s been at the main lobby of the MoMa NY and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, among several other museums around the world.

Besides being a recognized symbol around the world, The Refugee Nation also works as a hub that connects refugees and organizations.

“From helping Refugees to get new jobs to wherever there is a refugee the symbol of hope will be there.”



We created a powerful and simple website to be a hub to connect and help refugees around the world.

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Partnership with Makers Unite that create jobs to refugees.

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Part of the permanent collection of the MOMA and Victoria & Albert Museum and several museums around the world.

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