Interactive work

It's present on everything I do and it's part of my user-centric past experience as creative director, so I also personally lead teams to create websites/experiences on every project I work on. Check my Behance page to see more.

The Refugee Nation

We created a powerful and simple website to be a hub to connect and help refugees around the world.


Website / Interactive OOH.
An interactive experience and an endless zoom transported the user through different and fantastic worlds. 
Collectible pieces of gum were hidden and enabled the user to participate in a sweepstakes if discovered.


Reclaim History, aims to digitally recreate destroyed historical monuments, in the first worldwide crowd-sourced online museum, using a combination of photogrammetry, virtual reality and 3D printing technologies. The site is "the central hub where people can go visit and learn more about the monuments that have been digitally recreated. The site is also a place for anyone to come together and help recreate more monuments.

We structured the experience around three specific levels (Discovery, Details, Action). This created an in and out mental model that was easy to understand for users. They start at the widest view, the globe view, and continually zoom in to discover more specific details.. 

 Within each page there is an opportunity to contribute to the information shown, similar to a wiki page, continuing the concept of creating a crowdsourced database.


Interaction animations were created in After Effects to help guide the front end development of the experience. This helped communicate the tone and expectation from an interactive perspective. A loading animation helped buy some time in the backend for the WebGL to fully load. So We provided a quick SVG driven animation in Codepen, that was implemented the same day.

Website demo


In the US, there are several fairly tales in English but very few in Spanish, especially ones that connect all the different spanish accents and cultures from Latin America and Spain.

We gathered dozens of people, from all over Latin America and Spain, and recorded fairy tales for children.

We created the visuals, shot the photos and designed a website to promote it.

The home page is animated using the stop motion technique. The river and the birds are always moving and once you move your mouse over some elements they will move too. An app is coming soon too.

Motorola for your business

A b2b website that checks keywords of the URL typed by the business user that creates a customized experience for him.

Motorola Business Dots animated and fluid landing page to announce the new line of Motorola phones for business.

Siemens Santa

Santa doesn't have to worry about defective toys or a slow sleigh anymore, because Siemens just upgraded the North Pole with new technology. That's the theme of Siemens' new digital campaign. “Santa’s Factory” is an interactive story that talks about products and technologies Siemens has to offer, through a dialogue between Santa Claus and a little girl. More than a conversation, though, what we actually have is Santa unable to contain his enthusiasm and babbling on and on about the recent upgrades he did to his North Pole factory – using Siemens technology, of course.

Every time Santa mentions one of those improvements we cut to his workshop, and the viewer is invited to join in a playful interactive sequence where he or she can help assemble a new toy or test-drive various new sleigh designs.

Other sites

Brasileiras (Brazilian women of NY)

Brasileiras de New York (Brazilian women of NY) is a private community/group on Facebook where the women help each other, exchange tips, throw parties and help people in need. I created the brand identity, website, app, among with the branding for all the other Brazilian groups around the world.